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Thread: Pausing Timed Levels For Boosters To Deploy

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    Pausing Timed Levels For Boosters To Deploy

    Hi Valeriia,

    I agree with 99.9% of your list below.

    The one I have extreme difficulty in accepting is the one request for the countdown to stop whilst player WON boosters from within the timed level game are deployed on to the game board.

    Fishdom developers KNOW that in NORMAL game levels the boosters deploy even whilst the player is playing, yet in timed levels the boosters will not deploy until the player stops playing.


    I think not.
    This gives the Fishdom playing community a clear indication that there will be ‘no pauses’ to timed levels whilst booster deploy, because............well, it has to said.......because Fishdom would lose out on game revenue.

    You cannot have your cake and eat it too....
    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander......

    If on normal game levels boosters DEPLOY whilst players are STILL playing the game, then, so it SHOULD be for timed levels as well.
    Otherwise this can be termed as discriminatory action against players of Fishdom.

    And although it will not be my choice to retaliate with acrimonious intent against this ill advised Fishdom decision, nor to quit playing, nor to influence friends and others from playing Fishdom, I feel that Fishdom have not thought this decision through correctly and wish to request that they reconsider that decision based on the above facts with regards to normal levels V’s timed levels.

    Thank you for your time,
    Kind Regards


    Make the videos more frequent
    Remove the Fishy Bank
    Remove timed levels
    Add an option to pause the timer on unlimited lives
    Add confirmation for purchasing additional moves/move the button so that there are no accidental purchases
    Add an option to communicate with fish
    Increase the maximum amount of fish in one tank
    Lower the prices of unique fish
    Add the option to feed all fish in every tank / Clean all tanks
    Add an option to skip levels
    Add an option to replay levels
    Add an option to breed fish
    Add an option to put the boosters on the field manually instead of random placement
    Add a pause button to pause mid-level
    Remove oil/squids
    Mark already purchased items in the store to avoid purchasing the same item twice

    Stop the countdown while the Lightning booster is discharging in timed levels

    Add an option to exchange coins for diamonds, coins for vouchers, vouchers for vouchers

    Please Note:
    That I have also posted the above response to Support through the in game link.
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