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Thread: Dumping

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    I think the discussion of racing restriction in this thread is reasonable, actually, because the fundamental issue in both cases is: how far is it acceptable to have any player control the options of another?

    But, to answer the original question from Jeffrey, assuming you're talking about dumping from the board you already can choose not to promote your players above Member status. Then they can't dump tasks at all. I don't know if you have a problem because players are dumping tasks you think they (or someone else) could/should/would do, or if you're chasing the Global Leaderboard and you're concerned about the overall dump penalty. But, as Ash said earlier, what constitutes excessive dumping is pretty arbitrary and likely to have all kinds of consequences which might be worse than the original issue.

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    Just to echo the sentiment on how far does it go before crossing the line of controlling another player, it could be the original issue raised might be due to having too many people as co-leaders and elders. I know with new co-ops especially, the temptation is strong to give status to anyone who stays for more than a week in the early days in order to retain them. So we hit the punishment issue again if the solution is to demote the player to member status, since you're taking away something that was given to them. In some ways, it might even be worse since the change in status is publically visible.

    Again, it's another tool that needs careful thought and be used as a last resort. As we've all said, opening up communication is the first step to sorting it out.

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