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Thread: Seeing who is needs help in your co op on the regatta task interface

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    Seeing who is needs help in your co op on the regatta task interface

    When the regatta is on, I prioritise helping those doing the regatta rather than just normal town help. It would be easier if when the regatta is on, when you clicked on the regatta boat and it comes up with the tasks and who does what that if they needed help there would be a mark or symbol on the task they are doing a o that I know they need help with their train instead of me giving to their plane. Currently if it comes up in my co op messages that they need help, I have to go into the regatta and check who’s doing what task and make sure I’m helping the regatta players first.

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    If co-op members are waiting too long for help with their regatta tasks, then I would suggest that they ensure they have a number of high level players as friends/pending, who can fill their requests quickly.

    In our co-op all help requests are fulfilled in a matter of seconds if not minutes, so there is no need to prioritise regatta tasks. If it's just your personal preference, then ask your members to post in chat when they're requesting help with particular tasks.

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