Hi there, Fishdomers!

We're always happy to receive your feedback and ideas for the game In fact, some of them were actually used to make the game even more awesome!

However, there are certain ideas that cannot be implemented due to different reasons We'd truly appreciate it if you could get acquainted with the list of commonly requested game features that we aren't planning to add to Fishdom:

  • Make the videos more frequent
  • Remove the Fishy Bank
  • Remove timed levels
  • Add an option to pause the timer on unlimited lives
  • Add confirmation for purchasing additional moves/move the button so that there are no accidental purchases
  • Add an option to communicate with fish
  • Increase the maximum amount of fish in one tank
  • Lower the prices of unique fish
  • Add the option to feed all fish in every tank / Clean all tanks
  • Add an option to skip levels
  • Add an option to replay levels
  • Add an option to breed fish
  • Add an option to put the boosters on the field manually instead of random placement
  • Add a pause button to pause mid-level
  • Remove oil/squids
  • Mark already purchased items in the store to avoid purchasing the same item twice
  • Stop the countdown while the Lightning booster is discharging in timed levels
  • Add an option to exchange coins for diamonds, coins for vouchers, vouchers for vouchers

We thank each and every one of you once again for taking the time to share your ideas and appreciate your understanding!