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Thread: Localization support for Homescapes...

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    Localization support for Homescapes...

    Dear Sir(s)/Madam(s),

    Good morning. My name is Serkan ALIC. I'm from Istanbul, Turkey.

    I just downloaded your Homescapes android game and pleased to tell you that it's a nice game to play. According to the Turkish reviews on your game page, people are generally requesting for a Turkish language support.

    I'd like to offer to help in the localization of the language files, if you have such a project in mind or are already working on it.

    Turkish language support will definitely increase the download rate of the game in Turkey.

    I'd be waiting for your kind reply.

    Best regards,

    Serkan ALIC

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    Serkan ALIC

    Wonderful idea, as I know that being able to play the game in local language can gain more empathy while playing.

    Dear Sir(s)/Madam(s),

    Hello, my name is Hal from Japan and I also agree on Serkan that localization is a strong mean in gaining this great and enjoyable games popularity even more. Meanwhile, as I play in Japanese, my local language, I do but notice several translations that can be touched up, or modified to make more sence in Japanese. I may be able to provide help there of there is any such project or any needs.

    I too will be waiting for your kind reply.

    Best wishes,

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