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Thread: One piece won't get destroyed

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    One piece won't get destroyed

    Has anyone been getting stuck with one piece no matter how you try and get rid of it it doesn't get destroyed. I have hit it with bombs matched colors and used the rainbow disc. I bothers me because I had used an upgrade to try and finish the level. I has happened to me twice recently. This has been my only complaint otherwise this is a very addictive and fun game to play.

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    Yes! I have encountered this problem several times! There must be others too.
    The last time I was set to finally beat hard level 1263 but the rainbow booster destroyed all but one item so it didn’t let me win!
    I contacted support but they just gave me two more hours of ‘Ground-hog day’, getting no where!
    So I have been stuck on this level ever since (3days so far)!
    Even more annoying is that in that game I had used all my boosters and a shovel in attempt to beat 1263 so now I have nothing.
    Previously bombs and tnt have not blasted items so I paid $ for coins for extra turns but I refuse to pay more as I feel I am being scammed.
    It is illegal in Australia to mislead customers or sell goods “not fit for purpose” so let’s hope others demand this issue is fixed and we are compensated for our losses due to this hugely disappointing and unfair ‘bug’, or deliberate ploy to extort more money from loyal players.

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