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    CO Incentives

    Okay, was going to post this in the Lounge but this is where most of us all migrate to first

    I'm the leader of a great CO. My question is: What do you guys do besides the usual: Help each other, chat, root for the team, etc. to bring something to the team outside of the norm? One idea I try to implement was a neato idea from a member which is "Birthdays". On that person's Day, if all goes well with time-zones, they get a "Daily" present. Any other ideas?

    Also, do any of you use a "Chat" outside of FB to keep in contact? Not all use FB for personal reasons so am trying to find a good option. I do encourage the forum "Groups" option but not all are keen on it. We currently use "Twist", which is an online & (optional) App mostly designed for businesses, but unless you want to purchase $mo per person, posts are 'hidden' after 30-days.

    Just trying to think outside the box to keep team spirit high until Playrix offers some other options. Thanks!
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    We use "telegram". We have a co-op only group and a second group where we have a included a few people not in our co-op. Our co-op is only 3 members but we also used it in our original co-op of about 8 people. We chat a lot about everything not just game. We post links, screenshots, photos etc. We were originally spread across 5 countries. Unlike the game chat, you can come in and see everything posted since you were last there. And with no character limits.

    Unlike Facebook, you cannot find the group without a link. We originally chose to not use Facebook because one member was very security conscious and wouldn't use Facebook.

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