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Thread: Please Please let leaders delete inactive players

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    Please Please let leaders delete inactive players

    Please allow the leaders to delete inactive players. Unfortunately people join a team & don't play. Then your actual players will leave for a better home cuz no one will send helps or even try to level up. I have a team full of non players which is so frustrating!!

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    I actually have a great team but there are a couple who have become inactive and I, too, would like the ability to kick members.

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    What's your team score? Is your team still available for new members?

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    I play on iPad and if I press down on team members names an option to expel comes up.

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    My team is ranked 3 right now in the contest but only 10 of us have contributed crowns and 5 of us have contributed high numbers, I dont think its fair that people who dont contribute should get to share in the winnings. I agree they need to be bumped out. Our "team leader" never plays.

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    Perhaps you should start a new team. I was with a useless team and broke away to make one of my own. I announced it to my old team before I left and one person followed me who was also an active player/helper. Now I have a full team with very active members. I rarely have to wait to get new lives. When someone hasn't helped in a week I remove them but have only had to remove a handful in the few weeks I have had the team.

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    That is a good idea and I will do that, but it doeant alleviate the fact that 17 people receive an award they didn't earn. We won 60000 coins today and we each got 2000 half of the team should not get non participation prizes

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    I feel your frustration, I have just started a team and only have 6 members a 3have never helped or leveled up and this is the reason why I left a team I was in because Everytime we won team tournaments all members that did nothing we reward the same!!! Very Annoying!

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    So there is no help unless they type something into the chat listing?

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    As a leader, being able to cull inactive/difficult members should absolutely be a basic function in any game. No one should be forced to be stuck with people they don't want in their own teams.
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