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Thread: High adventure scores⁉️

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    High adventure scores⁉️

    How do some people get their scores so high? Example...My egg finding score is 250ish, but some have over 10,000. How is this possible?

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    Hi Stephanie,

    The refresh time for tools is 10 min. With two slots open, that means (given that you have correct color bunny cookies) you can get tools 12 times an hour. Additionally, it costs minimal T-cash to refresh for tools. So if you are constantly filling orders (especially if you have dealer available), it's quite easy to a get a score that high. My score for eggs is somewhere around 1.6k, but I was not playing 24/7. I was often away from my phone and tablet while I was away at work. Taking all those factors into consideration, I think it's 10,000 is pretty doable (especially with t-cash influx).

    That's not to say it's not unfair of course. It sucks to be playing against someone who has more time/cash etc, but unfortunately the event groups seem to be put together considering only level and no other factors.

    You can somewhat get a higher score my keeping your sugar, bakery, dairy, and snack factories constantly going (since bunnies usually ask to be fed cream, bagels, maple syrup, cookies, popcorn, shakes, sugar, granola bars, etc.) as well has having lots of rice and sugarcane on hand as well. A lot of the items are predictable.

    Happy egg hunting
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