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Thread: Can't receive lives after last update

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    Can't receive lives after last update

    I love this game I am on the treasure chest levels and i do not think its fair that we dont at least get coins still with every level we can barely buy anything for our aquariums and now after the last update I also lost all my extra lives that my friends sent me and I JUST DID A 2ND UPDATE A DAY LATER AND NOW I AM NOT RECEIVING ANY NEW LIVES THEY ARE BEING SENT TO ME!! I KNOW MY FRIENDS SEND THEM EVERYDAY, I CAN NOW SEND AND REQUEST LIVES I AM JUST NOT GETTING WHATS SENT TO ME 😡 I WANT THEM BACK AND PLEASE FIX THIS!! I WANT EXTRA LIVES FOR THE EASTER EVENT!!! Anyone else having this problem? And i have already complained to the help and support in the game and never get a response!!
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    Same thing happened to me. I probably had 200 saved lives! Did everything support says,now I have 1 life.Read the support instructions again. Now there is a note at the bottom saying to remember that lives sent from friends expire in two weeks if not used! That is a crock of ##$$#@. I'm at level 2,951 and have been playing, sending and receiving lives, daily for a year and a half. The game is so boring now without the little side games. I have spent actual money on this game. I think I'm over it. Goodbye Fishdom!

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    Contact Support from in the game.....the cog icon, then follows the prompts until you get to ‘Contact Us’...

    Copy and paste your post below in to the ‘contact us’ medium, they should respond soon enough.

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