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Thread: Level 776

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    Level 776

    Hanging for days in level 776. I play 2 leagues lower now. Power upt would'nt help me. Please can someone gives me a advice

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    “If at first, second, third, fourth you don’t succeed, try, try again”

    You could go to the Facebook Forums regarding game play, or go to YouTube forums for video tutorials on how BEST to win a level.
    There are players out there who have been stuck on a level for days, weeks and even months.......

    This is a game of strategy and tactical a is definitely not a kids game - although there are kids out there who would prove this statement wrong.

    So keep at it, learn from your past game plays, and above all, take time to think of your next move.

    The fact that you have progressed to level 776 indicates that you have passed your ‘fear’ of timed levels.
    Join the Facebook community and possibly pick up a hint or two re game play.......

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