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Thread: SPOILER ALERT!!! Beta peeks SPOILER ALERT!!!

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    We can assume update will be out by the start of next event

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    Quote Originally Posted by barbguinn View Post
    Has anyone looked real close at their town. Apparently a few items were updated. We have received so many new decorations we forget to check out the older ones. Remember the old fish bowl with no fish check it out not only does it have fish but children playing it's so cute. Some time we have to stop and enjoy the view.
    Hey Barb just to let you know it’s been quite awhile since that was updated, but I’m curios as to what other changes you noticed?
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    Did the island produce ships always have lifeboats? Noticed that detail for the first time recently

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    Hearing on Facebook that some Android players have got the new update, so check your appstore. And they are reporting that scrolling is fixed

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    I just received my update android - 3 new land expansions but I can't find the 3rd one lol🙈🙈. Chat look is different

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    So Android have got the update before ios, and before an official announcement? Seems strange.

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    I don't have the update on Android yet, when I go to the play store it gives you the option to update, but if I try it just says you already have the latest version, 6.5.0, installed.

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    I'm on android, and I have been checking all day, still no update for me!
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    Hi my Google play store shows its 6.6.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josie View Post
    Hi my Google play store shows its 6.6.0
    Where are you ? Still nothing on the east coast.
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