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Thread: So, What Happens To Fish In Previous Aquariums?

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    So, What Happens To Fish In Previous Aquariums?

    Since we can only feed fish in just 3 aquariums, then what happens to the fish in all of the other aquariums?
    Do they just float belly up to the surface?

    Why do the fish in any current aquarium suddenly vacate the aquarium when player presses the ‘Play’ button?
    Are they scared of something?

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    I think that since they only want us to be able to feed 3 aquariums at a time (the last 3 opened), that they should allow us to choose which 3 aquariums we feed the fish in, so we can go back and visit those other fish and aquariums.

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    They die from starvation?

    Just kidding.......thanks

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