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Thread: Fishdom crash on ipad after the last update

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    Fishdom crash on ipad after the last update

    Goodmorning to Everyone,

    I've got a trouble on my iPad: after the last update (Easter update) the game doesn't start on my iPad, when I launch it load for more than half and than crash. I've tried everything, all the updates of the game and the iPad, the reinstallation of Fishdom, i've cleaned the cache... don't know how makes it works again... Also I notice, by playing Fishdom on my smartphone Android, that the game (Easter update is done right in this case) is really slow.... with many difficult to play...
    Thanks to everyone could help me, I miss my favorite playing time with Fishdom ...

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    Best option would be to send this report to Fishdom Support via the in game link - the cog wheel, then Support button, then follow the prompts.

    I have just updated on my iPad Pro2, no problem there.
    How old is your iPad?

    Could be a compatibility issue......
    Might need to get a later version of the iPad.
    Hope you are synced with Facebook or the Game Center, or some other option.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you Albert for you kind answer. My ipad is an Ipad mini 3... I've syncronized with Facebook. I still hope that another updates will make all work fine again ... Thank you!

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    As a last resort, you could uninstall Fishdom from your iPad completely......

    Go to ———>Settings ——->General——>iPad Storage——->Fishdom

    Then....’Delete App’ ——>Restart iPad.

    Reinstall Fishdom from the Apple App Store, sync it with Facebook........then should be OK.
    No guarantee of success, it’s up to you to decide if this action is necessary.

    It did work for me........
    Good luck

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    I would like to know if the Easter Event that has already started?? I haven't seen anything since I have updated fishdom I also do not know if you can help me thru here or I need to contact support another way

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    This evening I'll try the solution you've suggested to me ... fingercrossed! Thahk you for your support Albert, I'will tell is ok. Have a nice day

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    On my ipad is the Easter update that makes everything goes wrong....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claudia Ticinese View Post
    On my ipad is the Easter update that makes everything goes wrong....
    When you do what I have suggested, below, in a previous post, everything should go right again.
    Let’s us know how you go.......

    If all else fails, go to the Fishdom Support link from inside the game.....the gear icon, then follow the Support links......

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