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Thread: Reduce the number of hard levels!!!!!!

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    Reduce the number of hard levels!!!!!!

    There are way too many hard levels!! Sometimes the game pattern is like 1 hard level —> 1 normal level —> 1 hard level again!
    I could only pass 3 levels in 2-3 days if this happens LOL
    Could you add the hard level only after we finish 9 or 10 normal level?
    It’s so annoying to see the hard levels appearing so frequently! I would really give up playing the game

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    I agree. There are some events that I stay on the same level the entire time; sometimes through a couple of events. It's frustrating. I want a relaxing, non-competitive game.

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    I agree. Having a team has helped because of giving lives. Without that I would have quit already.
    It’s too frustrating with so many ridiculously hard games.
    I want to play to relax and have fun.

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    Да, некоторые уровни слишком сложные, нужно больше жизней. Быть может за просмотр рекламы хоть бы жизни добавляли

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    I agree i have been sitting on level 373 for 2 days now i think there are to little moves for some of the levels and then its not even supposed to be a hard level?

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    I agree! I’m spending too much money on this game now for it to be much fun anymore. Constantly paying 900 for 5 extra lives it seems on every level lately. I’ve noticed some levels are not supplying enough of whatever it is you need to get rid of making it impossible regardless of skill level.

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    My homes a money pit

    This home is a serious money pit! Sadly I enjoy the game but I’m spending at least $100 a week on coins for the extra moves..The part I guess that upsets me the most it having to get through these hard levels to end, start a day. Make a call..I really think they are taking advantage of what could be a fun, awesome game!

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    I’m on board with all of you! I’ve spent 4 days on one level. No matter how many boosts I use, they don’t help! Progress in this game is painfully slow and I’ll soon be deleting this game! It’s no longer fun or enjoyable! You can’t earn boost or coins quick enough to keep interested. I inevitably get an hour or infinite lives about 5 mins before I leave for work and the time continues to run even when I’m not playing, hardly seems fair! The developers clearly need to make some changes and quick to keep players!! Hop to it fellas!

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    It is becoming very frustrating when even with multiple powerups the levels are so complicated that you can't win without using coins. And, that is even with the "non hard" levels. Also, they need to stop with the multiple panel levels, or give at least a half more turns. Even with using the rainbow power ups together it is still almost impossible to complete all the panels. What is worse. They are really taking the fun out of the game. Once I get past the area I am on with the yacht, I plan to take a long break from the game. I would like to get further, but as you all have said it becoming too much of a money pit. I understand they need to make money, but not at the expense of taking the fun out of the game. It would also be nice if the tasks did not take so many stars to complete. Completing hard levels should be rewarded with two stars instead of just one. Maybe then there would be fewer hard levels, which would be good too.

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    I agree with all posts. You lose the fun of the game: I do not think that this is a goal of the developers! Please change that!

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