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Thread: New Decorations

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    Thanks! I'll look for it.

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    Has anyone suggested rushes or cattails as we know them here? They look like the big bunches of y'all grass but in the water edge.

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    I agree. More boats of varying discriptions. Not everyone has a yacht or commercial fishing boat.

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    Wie wΓ€re es mit ein paar Stein-Deko? Einzelne Wurfsteine z. B. eventuell in verschiedenen Grâßen. Oder Steinmauern als Begrenzung-Zaun? πŸ˜€

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    I saw someone in another town who had little flying UFOs! Could we bring those back? I would love some :-)

    I already bought my little crop circle to go with it. 😊 (the UFOs)
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    I think it's time to add new colors of Pavement/tiles. Pavement is such a cool way to define spaces and change the look of our town. ..but now it seems there's not much of a selection. Adding different colors should be an easy change for developers to make. How about new patterns, some cool greens, deeper blues and reds. Better yet, a color wheel for players to add their own colors🏳️*🌈🏳️*🌈🏳️*🌈🏳️* 🌈🏳️*🌈🏳️*🌈🏳️*🌈

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    I would like some different kinds of flowers. I like to try and spread the different colors around town but it gets hard with limited choices. Some multi-colored tulips would be nice, or maybe some snapdragons or petunias. Some different blooming shrubs/trees would be nice too, like hydrangeas, they come in a lot of different colors. Also some more cacti to choose from would be much appreciated, so that I don't have so many palm trees filling out my desert themed areas. Please and thank you! πŸ˜€

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly-Voo View Post
    More sand decorations- right now I've got too many crashed boats on my shorelines, how about making sand castles, or children playing in the sand- maybe people sunbathing too?
    I like this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly-Voo View Post
    So I wanted to start a thread for people to post ideas for seasonal/event/regatta decoration ideas. Feel free to post your ideas here too! Here's a few I came up with:

    Graveyard//Cemetery- I'd really like to have this near my church etc. To make it more realistic. πŸ‘»

    More Boats// Ships!! I really think there should be more ships and what not available to win/purchase, only a few best canoe/boats we can use thus far, including ones from events.

    Customizeable billboard! You can choose from a selection of 4-5 Township pictures//Ad's for this decoration, and maybe one includes an advertisement for your zoo.

    Pumpkin Patch! It'd be adorable to have a little spooky pumpkin patch, maybe with a black cat popping out of one of the (carved) pumpkins πŸŽƒ

    Subway entrance! This will be a very good decoration for downtown areas in people's townships! Maybe with some people walking up and down the stairs underground.
    I like you tread this will become interesting after some time when many people share there ideas this is also be informative about events i want to conform you that
    all above is you ideas and thinking or just example for others.....?
    if hope this is your thinking everything is ok but i cant understand that you said "I'd really like to have this near my church etc. To make it more realistic. πŸ‘»" can you explain
    about it ....? why you want this is not creative ideas. I am thinking that this is for creative ideas for events that can be change in future like suggestion plz explain more about this forum....?

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