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Thread: New Decorations

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    Thanks! I'll look for it.

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    Has anyone suggested rushes or cattails as we know them here? They look like the big bunches of y'all grass but in the water edge.

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    I agree. More boats of varying discriptions. Not everyone has a yacht or commercial fishing boat.

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    Wie wΓ€re es mit ein paar Stein-Deko? Einzelne Wurfsteine z. B. eventuell in verschiedenen Grâßen. Oder Steinmauern als Begrenzung-Zaun? πŸ˜€

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    I saw someone in another town who had little flying UFOs! Could we bring those back? I would love some :-)

    I already bought my little crop circle to go with it. 😊 (the UFOs)
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    I think it's time to add new colors of Pavement/tiles. Pavement is such a cool way to define spaces and change the look of our town. ..but now it seems there's not much of a selection. Adding different colors should be an easy change for developers to make. How about new patterns, some cool greens, deeper blues and reds. Better yet, a color wheel for players to add their own colors🏳️*🌈🏳️*🌈🏳️*🌈🏳️* 🌈🏳️*🌈🏳️*🌈🏳️*🌈

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    I would like some different kinds of flowers. I like to try and spread the different colors around town but it gets hard with limited choices. Some multi-colored tulips would be nice, or maybe some snapdragons or petunias. Some different blooming shrubs/trees would be nice too, like hydrangeas, they come in a lot of different colors. Also some more cacti to choose from would be much appreciated, so that I don't have so many palm trees filling out my desert themed areas. Please and thank you! πŸ˜€

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly-Voo View Post
    More sand decorations- right now I've got too many crashed boats on my shorelines, how about making sand castles, or children playing in the sand- maybe people sunbathing too?
    I like this!

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