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    Spring Update

    So I updated with the new spring update today, and when I got a second star in one of my aquariums, I didn’t get the bonus diamonds, etc. So I went back and checked, and 3 of my earlier aquariums were missing a 3rd star by just a few coins. So now I’m convinced they change the values. Next time, before I update, I’m going to double check. If you haven’t updated, check all your aquariums, and then check again after the update. Comment here if you find the same thing happen. I suppose I could have made some changes, but I really don’t remember doint that, especially in 3 aquariums!

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    I have had this happen to me in the past but this time it was the opposite. It appears they have been changing values on a lot of items, in particular, the specialty fish. I try not to buy much more than is needed for each aquarium. Now I have 2 aquariums with 9,000+ points and one aquarium with 17,000+. Consequently, I have all these excess items which don't really fit into other aquariums. I am putting a lot into storage; I hate to sell right now because you lose half of the value you originally paid. I have been playing for several years so I am as far along as you can go at the moment so it seems like I have to re-calibrate each aquarium with every update recently. I think fishdom has been trying to correct their point system after a lot of feedback from players. I do believe this is good (especially for newer players) but it has caused frustration for older players. They did not have vouchers or specialty fish a year or so ago. It also seems they have increased values for some regular items but I could be remembering wrong on this. All in all, fishdom has done some good things recenty after feedback from long-time players. The only thing I still think they could fix is the excessively high points needed for each star in aquariums, at least the latest ones. This wasn't so much of a problem in the beginning aquariums; the new valuation has helped just a little.

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    Yeah, someone noticed that a while back, and I went and removed a lot in several aquariums that had the voucher fish, and storing it. But I always kept 3 stars in each aquarium, so next time there is an update, I’m going to make sure I have all 3 stars before I update so I’ll know for sure.

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