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Thread: Too long to finish zoo enclosures!!!!

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    Too long to finish zoo enclosures!!!!

    Why does it have to be such a long task to finish the zoo enclosures? Or even the town buildings? Plus it costs so much to buy them and on top of it you need so many building tools to get them done. It feels like im never gonna get my zoo built. If we could at least count on getting the required tools from the trains instead of always getting mining tools then at least it would feel like i was getting somewhere.

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    I am pretty much ignoring my zoo now because I have too many buildings in my town all crammed together because I spent too many resources on expanding my zoo and too many resources building enclosures and not enough resources expanding my town.

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    What zoo?

    I rarely go over to my zoo... it just sucks up resources I need for my town, and quite frankly boring and childish. The min they pulled out animal cards, I was peace out!
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    I pretty much have saved the zoo for later. I used it only for zoo items (before the update) for regattas, but I've decided the zoo is for when I'm out of things to build in my town. I still have tons of factories, community buildings, and housing left to build, so the zoo is pretty much on the back burner for me. Also the new tool echange is making things a lot harder for me, so I guess my zoo is a lost cause lol.

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    I agree I am not adding any more enclosures too expensive they need to be under 50k

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    I agree. It does take too long to build the enclosures. The amount of building materials needed for each one is too much plus they take up too much space in the barn. Those materials should be stored separately in another space like the mining eqpt. And why are we getting an enormous amount of one material over another? For example, I have received bricks over glass by a ratio of 10 to 1. Why can't we receive the same amount for each so we can complete a building in a reasonable amount of time so we're not waiting for a long time for one type of material?!!

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    I can't say I liked the zoo before, but I like it less now. There are so many buildings it's more like an animal refuge! My zoo is cramped, expensive, ugly, and pointless really. Oh I still build it and make the best of it, but doesn't mean I'll like it.....ever!

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