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Thread: Tell us about your Township goals! 😁

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    Tell us about your Township goals! 😁

    Your own personal goals that you are working on at the minute.

    Right now, my goal is to build enclosures for all my poor critters trapped in the book.

    I have the heli booster and am trying to make enough coins to buy them one at a time.

    I'm also waiting for my Festive Factory to finish being under construction. Said factory is why I went from being 880,000 coins "rich" to desperately sending heli orders, and hoping for coin bonuses on my planes being sent out. 😁

    So what are you hoping to achieve in your Township?

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    Similar to you, I think..

    Short term, I'm steadily bringing in trains for materials to get through zoo enclosures, running helis to buy the final factory and racing to stay in gold league for continued access to all of the Yacht Club decos. Longer term I don't like how my Community Buildings and houses are placed, so I'm planning to start "looking for inspiration" (ie shamelessly stealing ideas) to get a more cohesive look for my town. Eventually. Probably. Maybe.

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    Short term: building my last 4 factory's and the enclosures for all my homeless animals (33 at the moment ). According to the amount of money I will need for these missions, the title "short term" might be a little misleading

    Long term: Trying to build a city (and zoo), including as many different standard-, seasonal- and event-decorations as possible (except animal statues), without letting it get overcrowded or crammed

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    Short term:
    - reaching level 100;
    - the two years Anniversary of my town;
    - completeing the Red Panda family;
    - building the animal hospital and new houses.

    - Make-over of the Big city and maybe more;
    - another redesign of parts of my Zoo.

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    My short term and now long term goal is to expand because I have way too many buildings and not enough space for them. I don't like putting so many buildings close to each other because it looks disorganized and messy but I am not getting enough axes and saws to expand. It is taking a long long time to get more land for my buildings.

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    -Finish my kindergarten and rearrange my neighborhood and school set up to fit that in.
    - Get caught up on my 5 unbuilt factories that I am behind.
    - Get the enclosures bought and built for my completed animals that are unfortunately just sitting in my zoo book since I have neither the money nor the materials to set them up.
    - Get back in Gold League so I can get the dragon
    - Pull all my Easter decor out of the zoo and storage and place in my town proper to prepare for the event this Friday ( this should probably be at the top since it needs to happen ASAP)

    Long Term:
    Total World Domination!
    Jk but I would love to one day reach the point of having all expansions, cbs, factories, and enclosures so that I can really have a beautiful cohesive town. But hey it’s been almost two years and I’m still not even at level 80 sooooo we’ll see.

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    Sbort term

    Get out my Easter decos and prepare the event section in my town.
    Get back in gold league to access all the decos (just started a solo co-op)
    Collect materials for my last zoo enclosure.

    Mid term

    Earn all the new animals to populate the 2 enclosures.

    Long term

    Reach level 200

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    I'm saving for hot-dog factory

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    Short term:
    Upgrade all trains to 50% time. I have the first one done and second one almost done.
    Get caught up on factories. I am 4 behind. Every time I get a new one then I level up and am behind again lol.
    Expand more spots because I’ve run out of space in my town now that I actually made it look like a town.

    Long term:
    Get all the factories upgraded with 2 extra spots
    Get enclosures built for my animals. This past Hopping week I have almost one card of all the species of animals except one. I don’t have all the cards for all four animals but I am able to build all but one enclosure.

    The enclosures will probably take a really long time because of how much money it is going to cost and I have other priorities first lol.

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    Nice thread,
    my short term goals are upgrading my ships up to 50%, collecting enough t-cash for the easter decos, trying to get back in gold league, I need this dragon.
    Mid term, earning loads of coins for the last factory.
    Long term, get all expansions in my town, upgrade all factories.
    Longest term, the zoo.

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