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Thread: Cannot open next aquarium

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    Cannot open next aquarium

    I have all the stars needed but the next aquarium is not opening.

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    You'll have to check all previous aquariums, by opening them and tapping on the progress bar. One of them will show you that you're a few beauty points short of the third star. Once you complete that, you'll be able to open the next aquarium.
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    меня есть все необходимые звезды, но следующий аквариум не открывается.

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    I have 3 stars on all levels but cannot open Lost World

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    Did you go back and actually open each one? And did you get the new Spring Update? I updated, and all of a sudden, I didn’t have all 3 stars in 3 of my aquariums. Missing only by a few, but I think they change the values of some of the items, and you lose a star. Sometimes it is small enough (one of mine was only by 30), you really can’t tell by looking at the screen with 4 aquariums and the stars. So go back and check each one. You’ll find one (or more) is missing.

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    Do you need all aquariums to have 3 stars before another opens?

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    Once you have at least 3 tanks, you need all but the last two to have all the stars.

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    I am also stuck, in Lost World, have all my 3 stars (went and checked all my old aquariums) - emailed support and never heard back. So frustrated!

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    Jeśli przeszlam skrzynki z 15 kluczami to dla czego muszę znowu zdobyc 15 klucz jeśli zakonczylam cala skrzynke

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    Yep, JENSY, that happened to a lot of us. Then there was also an update where they changed the value of voucher fish, and we had more than we needed. They really need to let us know when that happens.

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