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Thread: 3rd day on same lvl

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    Angry 3rd day on same lvl

    This is getting ridiculous, starting my 3rd day on the same lvl. Using 20 live per day. Meanwhile, I will get demoted to a lower league AGAIN because you create level that are just stupid in the difficulty. Game is going downhill fast!

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    Same here and I am not at a higher level where things should be getting harder. I have been on the finding statues to test down there house for days. I tried this game once before and got stuck on the same level. Got frustrated and quit playing.

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    Even the regular levels have become so difficult, but the worst thing is the constant demotions I receive. I wish we could at least opt out of tournaments.

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    Do we lose tournament categories if we don't end up playing in one? Let's say I was in the highest category. If I don't play the next tournament at all, will I get demoted?
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    In my experience you do NOT get demoted if you don’t play during a tournament. The apple gathering tournament seems to be the best, as others in you “group” contribute to your total.
    I have not played tournaments when I only have the chests as there are no more new levels, and no demotions occur.

    I just wish I could still play all of the time, but not be in the tournaments.
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    I've just started playing the game. Stuck on one level now of trying to paint the treehouse and it seems impossible to beat. Is there any benefit in having friends who play and can send more lives, or what? If I stay stuck, I'm just going to quit the game.

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    When I see others at levels with four digits, and some of them being not just virtual friends but real-life friends, I know that my problems at level 25 are beatable. You did not say your level, but it sounds like one that I probably had to do a few times to get the key for that level. I am not a coiner. I allow the game to challenge me, frustrate me until I learn it.

    This game on its face looks like a really easy game, until you play it. It is a game of strategy. It is also designed to be progressively more difficult. You are at way too early a level to give up now.

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