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I'm level 59. My balance is currently about 48, a bit too low for my liking. I am happier if it's about 150 to make sure there's going to be a chunk left after paying Raja next time. There was a week or so in December where the ad guy didn't appear at all which wasn't great but thankfully he's made a comeback. (Same ad every time...yawn... but better than nothing)

I've never paid real money out. Apart from Raja I mostly use mine for investing in new market boxes (currently about 40 of) and extra production line boxes. I do sometimes open a paid chest or buy my way out of a pickle but not often.
Wow, your reply made me realise: I've not watch Township ads in such a long time! When you said 'ad guy' I nearly went 'what ad guy?'

I've been barely completing helicopter orders for a long time now, unless I'm really strapped for cash. Usually I complete them only if there's nothing to do for trains / plane, or if I happen to have enough goods (and I see the green tick for it). I guess because of that I've simply not seen 'ad guy' to even think of watching ads for T-cash ... although then again I think I can't be arsed watching them anymore hahah

I've managed to save up quite a bit of T-cash over the months; sometimes I get lucky in the House of Luck and pick the chest of 12-15 T-cash.