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Thread: What is your T-cash usage like?

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    What is your T-cash usage like?

    I was seeing some screenshots of other players' games and they all have very different T-cash amounts. So I was just curious how others use their T-cash. Share if you wish to:

    1. What level are you on currently?
    2. How much T-cash do you have currently?
    3. Have you paid real money to buy T-cash before?
    4. What do you normally spend your T-cash on?

    For me, I am on level 51 with slightly over 1000 T-cash. I have never used real money to buy them. I almost never use them except to get the dealer at 60% off. Or sometimes when I wish to indulge myself, I use them (1 or 2) to save myself the extra wait, even though I wasn't in a particular rush.

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    I am level 126, the last time I bought Tcash was around Easter last year (not completely sure it was a long time ago).

    I have over 600 Tcash at the moment.

    I spend my Tcash on

    The dealer every 10 days
    I usually buy the last few tools (4 max) needed for a barn upgrade
    I buy the extra regatta task every week
    Boxes at the market
    Boxes at factories
    When I use generous customer booster I will speed up refreshing the market a couple of times
    Occasionally speed up a couple of trains or a plane when doing tasks
    Occasionally buy 15 picks to finish a mining task
    I'm a sucker for decs and expect a little spending spree when Easter decs arrive

    ETA Reading my post back I feel like I have just written a confession of bad habits, ROFL
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    Downton, I'm far worse than you! I feel like starting this by saying, "Hello, my name is Lady, and I'm a Tcash addict."

    Right now, I'm on level 108, and have 3079 tcash. In fact, I just bought the piggy bank for $3.99. Bought it a couple days ago too. I refrained from the $37.99 deal that was offered for an hour a few days ago. So, the last packages I bought were offered during the aerial challenge I think. Bought both. If there's a nice deco $/or boosters I usually buy them. I'm such a sucker.

    I spend on:
    the dealer every 10 days (72 cash for me)
    The extra regatta task
    Refreshing regatta tasks (constantly; because I'm stupidly competitive, and want to win, and I'm impatient and don't want to be a slave to the race for a whole week, or to try to get good tasks for my coop members so they aren't struggling- yes, I know I'm enslaved in a far worse way than my time)
    Buying out regatta tasks/speeding them up
    Occasionally buying the last few tools for a barn upgrade
    Boxes at the factories (though that is only when Playrix adds a factory now
    Boxes at the market if I feel especially flush
    I'll speed up planes or trains on occasion if I resort to them as a regatta task, or if a coop member needs to fill crates for some clovers for a HOL task
    Occasionally need to buy mine materials to finish a task
    I'll buy decos that I like
    I'll buy valentines, and friend day decos for coop members
    I've been buying building materials lately as well
    Is there anything I've missed? Sheesh.

    My coop has decided that we are fed up. We will not be racing as much, especially if they just keep repeating themes. The decos will have to be pretty special. And we are going to try to restrain ourselves from racing to win. It's costing way too much.

    I love the game, but recent changes have left a sour taste. I was just getting used to the new zoo (I'm actually getting animals more quickly than before), when they brought the tool exchange in. That change was inexcusable. I built it before I realized what a crock it is. I have an animal hospital that may forever have scaffolding around it. That, I refuse to pay for.

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    Level 197 with 3625 T-cash which I use for :

    Rajah every 10 days
    Extra task every regatta
    Boxes in the market even though with 215 boxes I find I have enough. Less spending ...
    Production boxes in factories. Few left to buy.
    Call back the plane when doing a plane task.
    Buy 3 zoo tasks for doing a 135 points zoo task instantly.
    Buying some decorations once in a while. My favorites are Christmas.

    I bought T-cash a few times along the way but not for the last 2+ years.

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    Lvl 95 here.

    I currently have about 60 tcash.

    I've never bought Tcash. Only earn it through heli ads, in the mine, entire zoo family completion, etc.

    I buy Raj only when he's 60% off.

    I love special holiday decos, and save when we're close to one to buy them.

    I saved 400-some tcash to use during friends week, so I could gift my coop and good friends with the heart to heart fountain.

    I sometimes buy barn materials in the green market boxes if the price is right.

    And I buy the extra regatta task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by singzeon View Post
    1. What level are you on currently?
    2. How much T-cash do you have currently?
    3. Have you paid real money to buy T-cash before?
    4. What do you normally spend your T-cash on?
    1. I am lvl 70.
    2. 911 tcash
    3. yes, I paid few times when the game was offering me a good deal (as far as I remember $0.99 for 130 tcash)
    4. I basically spend tcash only on dealer every 5 days (I don't buy 10-days dealer, as it doesn-t give me any extra discount). I was also buying factory boxes and store boxes. I think that's all my tcash use.

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    Level 74. About 350 tcash.

    I use it mainly for the dealer. Once in awhile I will use it to buy a gold gem that I need to start a booster. I have bought some boxes in the past.

    I have never bought tcash with real money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by singzeon View Post
    1. What level are you on currently?
    2. How much T-cash do you have currently?
    3. Have you paid real money to buy T-cash before?
    4. What do you normally spend your T-cash on
    1. I’m level 57
    2. Currently $4 Tcash
    3. I used an iTunes gift card from Christmas for $50 and bought a pkg. I bought the piggy bank once. I’m determined not to spend my own money, but if family ask what I want for bday/Christmas, it’s iTunes .
    4. I always buy Raj for as long as I can at the 20% discount...I’ve never been offered 60% off. Anytime I’ve saved over $72, I buy extra boxes for any factories that don’t have them all or extra boxes at the market.
    Note: I’m blown away that the market boxes are unlimited...215 boxes! Wow! I have 23 and the next one is $13.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chim Cherie View Post
    I’ve never been offered 60% off.

    Hmm, could that be because you kept hiring the dealer at 20% off? For me I wait for the dealer to give 60%, if not I wouldn't get him. Works out just nice for me since I'd be saving up coins for when I hire him.

    How much did 50$ get you in T-cash? Few thousand?

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    How long do you need to wait for the dealer to reduce to 60% off singzeon? I thought it was a month without buying this the case?

    (If it is, only way I'd manage this is to go somewhere with no internet for a month... )

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