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Thread: 09.04 The Age of Knights Regatta Season is LIVE

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    I also love mystery task, but this time me and 2 of my friends got other seasonal task in mystery task, that is clay and islands. Mystery task was introduced as easier task then normal, but sending 9 ships instead 10 is no difference at all.I think this two task shouldn't be included in mystery task.

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    Tarefa misteriosa

    Bom dia!

    Tenho duas fábricas liberadas, mas não tenho moedas para comprar. Se eu pegar a tarefa surpresa, vem tarefa dessas fábricas?

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    I like mystery tasks, and just picked one.

    Though I do admit that I groaned when I saw it was a 7 lamps task. I don't usually make product that uses ore because I'm still upgrading islands and factories. But it's all good.

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