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Thread: Completing games and no stars

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    Completing games and no stars

    I’ve completed several games now and haven’t received any stars to move onto next levels. Have also used many bombs etc. Anyone else have this issue?

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    Hi, Trudy!
    Are you talking about regular levels or chest levels that appear when you run out of regular levels?
    If its regular levels, please send a report via the settings of your game, we'll take a look at your game data to sort things out for you. If those were chest levels, then don't worry, it's not a bug, you'll be able to continue earning stars once more levels are added to the game. In the meantime, you can earn extra rewards in the game of chests.
    I hope this helps.
    -If you're having troubles with the game, please check out our Help & Support articles first.
    -In case you need further assistance, write a report from the game. To do so, follow the steps from this tutorial video.
    -If your game doesn't open, you can contact our support team here.

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