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    Thank you so much SumSum. I appreciate that. I have pretty realistic layouts in both my town and zoo. I visit other towns to experience wild whimsy. Lol Which is what makes TS so fun. Everyone has such different ideas.

    You are super ambitious with three towns. Off to check them out!

    Wow ... What a lot of work. Your main town is beautiful. it's great how you broke up your crop fields and your amusement park areas are lovely (I crammed most of mine in a back corner -- would box them up if I could). And you zoo is a delightful mix of animal park and little seasonal areas. Great job incorporating some of the regatta and event decos!
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    I enjoyed my visit to your town Cody, like SumSum I left a well deserved like . I will be popping in again, there's so much to take in with your layout and much inspiration to be had. Thanks for sharing your ideas and allowing us to wander in your town .

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    I made a medieval forest in my zoo with the dragon, tavern, and scribe's workshop surrounded by colorful trees. Just need Merlin and a knight in a white horse now.

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    Got the dragon only. Yes, it kinda looks mechanical. It will be fixed in the post production.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cineville View Post
    Got the dragon only. Yes, it kinda looks mechanical. It will be fixed in the post production.
    Hmm, I wasn't going to bother with him, but maybe now I will. He looks good.

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    Thanks Downtown. I returned a like to your town too (and SumSum's). I like your springtime Easter park. I have a big Central Park year round. I love all the parks and trees and ponds. And it is a big place holder for me to clear and decorate for the holidays. I put out my Easter stuff this morning. Egg trees everywhere! Now I will just have to find them all when I clean up. Lol

    I also really like your beach areas. And your zoo. The blue trees in your Arctic area are perfect!

    Katville I really like your medieval forest. I hope you get the rest of the decos you want. The rainbow forest looks enchanted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Lyons View Post
    ..... I put out my Easter stuff this morning. Egg trees everywhere! Now I will just have to find them all when I clean up. Lol
    That looks absolutely pretty Cody. I'm a little jealous now, I have only two of that egg trees from last year's Easter Event. And this egg trees That's a little sad. I would have bought some more this year if available ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I like your arrangement with the dragon and the filmset Cineville that makes a dragon even work in a realistic town. Very good job

    Your medieval forest is a real eyecatcher Katville, I like the colourful layout
    My own dragon finally went to my zoo too
    It got part of the spooky-village:

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    During excavation work for the Major Renovation, the foundations of an age-old Castle were uncovered.*
    on the western bank of the river.
    The Medieval Duck Decoys are located in the area east of this.*
    The Municipal treasury still had some financial space (gems).*
    So this is a great opportunity to have the Castle resurrected and create a Medieval area over here.*
    Perhaps unnecessarily to mention that this place looks better when visiting my city.*
    Partly because the Duck decoys lie between undeveloped land expansions, partly because of the impending renovation of my city.*

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    Hey guys question... I got "bumped" down to Silver this week (I know, shocking.... LOL), any"who" the dragon is still open to me. Are we now able to buy all decos no matter the league? Did I miss a Thread discussing this (high possibility). Thanks, Kim

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    Hey Kim, no we can't, the Dragon requires Gold League to purchase it. So if you want it you need to grab it quick .

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