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Thread: Treasure Chest - Upgrade Suggestion

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    Treasure Chest - Upgrade Suggestion

    We concerned players are very grateful to the Playrix Development Team for the inclusion of the Seahorse (Rachel) in to the Treasure Chest games, this has had a very beneficial effect for most players who play these levels.

    I would like to further suggest the following inclusion for consideration:

    Having won a Treasure Chest level, and there are any amount of ‘in game’ generated boosters on the board, that THOSE boosters be programmed to self detonate before the ending of the game level.

    It is a shameful waste of boosters that are just wasted away by the game level ending without receiving any benefit, when they could be making a significant difference to those players that have run out of regular game levels to try and stay ‘on par’ with the players playing the regular game levels.

    It should be noted that this will need to include any other boosters that are further generated as a result of the first boosters detonation.

    This is like having a ‘Mini Me’ of the full Aqua Splash version which, as we know, deploys further boosters on to the game board in line with the number of moves remaining unused.

    Just please consider the ‘Mini Me’ version of Aqua Splash for the Treasure Chest game levels.


    *** I have also submitted this request via the in game Support link ***
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    Uv. Let's all clench our fists and hold our breath. Suddenly all same this will happen!

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    Well Xona,
    We can only hold our breath, and, hope for the best!
    I really do feel that they may seriously consider this, as an extension of the Seahorse now being available in Treasure Chest.

    And hey!
    You on the same level as me.....3871!

    After I ran out of regular game levels, I started with the Treasure Chest levels.
    I had the Platinum Horseshoe, which I lost and got back about 7 times between yesterday and today.

    But I did some damage to the Treasure Chest game levels!
    I have cycled through these sets if 15 games more than 7 times now, about 100+ games.
    Collected nearly 17,000 pearls so far, and at number 2 position on the leaderboard.

    I was number 1 for a long time, but I lost the Platinum Horseshoe yet again, and still now I’m not able to get it back, because levels getting harder and that stupid sap stuff kept blocking me!

    Ok, talk to you again soon

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    Me too, but I'm glad that we still have not met in the same standings:п

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    Meeeeee tooooooooo

    I got a reply back from Fishdom Support today.
    They say that my idea of a ‘Mini Me’ version of Aqua Splash for the Treasure Chest is a very good idea!

    Consideration will be seriously given to this idea, and perhaps implemented at the next update....
    Wait and see....

    If it is implemented, a lot of players will benefit so much from that, because I’m sure they all feel the same way that why lose all those remaining boosters on the board, when the game ends, for no good reason (???).

    Fingers crossed!

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