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Thread: Regatta Chest Question

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    Regatta Chest Question

    Hello, I have a quick question regarding the chests on this regatta. My friend (co-op member) and I have begun working in 4 chests at the same time, we have both done tasks in all the chests. So far we have collected three chests. But the thing is I started working on a precious chest (have done all the three tasks by myself) and when I go to the statistics page, I have that I collected 4 chests and she has collected 3 chests. Why? So that means we have to do at least one task on the chest to collect it? That seems so not fair, especially for her since is a precious chest, but I didn't have idea. this is our first time playing the inter seasonal regatta. It also says on my regatta profile that I have done 11/13 tasks overall. Is there a limit on tasks, so far I believed there is only a limit of the amount of chests to be collected which is 9. Thanks for the help.

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    There's information both in-game and here, Eliraven, that explains. When using the forum, try searching by certain keywords first, to perhaps find the answer to your question more quickly.

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