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Thread: My level 288 Town has been hacked. Playrix doing nothing - DO NOT BUY T MONEY!

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    My level 288 Town has been hacked. Playrix doing nothing - DO NOT BUY T MONEY!

    I logged into my game today and it had been changed to the Turkish language which was the first red flag. Then I noticed the town has been totally rearranged, I was in a different turkish co op and someone had changed my town name.

    Someone has basically hacked into my town and stolen it.

    I have been playing for more than 5 years and am level 288. I have over 15K in T money. I am beyond upset with this.

    I have contacted Playrix via the contact us tab but there has not been ANY response to my town being stolen.

    All those years of playing and T money built up for what?? Do not waste your time or money on this game when it can be so easily stolen. Looking at the forum I can see this has happened to so many people.

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    Sorry to hear you're towns been hacked. CS will get back to you, but I understand your frustration that it is not instant. From other threads regarding towns being hacked quite often the hacker has managed to access towns through FB accounts. Do you have Township connected to a FB account?

    I don't know if you have found this thread yet here, it doesn't offer a solution as such but has some interesting info and suggestions/links you may find useful .
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