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Thread: 04.04 How Unique Fish are Made

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    04.04 How Unique Fish are Made

    How’s it going, Fishdomers? Recently you asked us all kinds of questions about our unique fish and what it takes to create them. Our developers are happy to answer the most interesting and popular questions in today's interview Happy reading!

    So, let’s start with the most common question — how did you come up with the idea of unique fish in the first place?

    Well, at first we simply wanted to create something totally different. Our regular fish usually look a lot like real fish that swim in rivers, lakes, and oceans, so in a way this can be limiting. We wanted to add more fish that would allow us to be even more creative and incorporate our players’ suggestions, even the wild ones!

    That sounds amazing! You know, our players would also like to learn more about the process of creating a unique fish and how many people are involved.

    Generally, it takes a while for an idea to transform into an actual model of the fish in the game. There are usually three stages in this process.
    First, we work on the basic aspects that make up our new fish: we decide on its appearance and create an animated model of it. This step requires three to five team members who discuss all the details and make the final decision.

    After that, our game designers work on the fish’s personality: its behavior and unique traits that define the way it will interact with the player and with other fish. The work that goes into this step is what makes each fish truly one of a kind!

    At the final stage, our programmers add the fish to the game. This is usually done by one or two people.

    Wow! Could you also tell us how much time it takes to create a fish?

    Absolutely! On average, the whole process of creating a fish takes about a month, from coming up with the idea until we add the fish to the game. But if we’re talking about something more complicated, like schools of fish, that can take more than a month.

    I see! And speaking of schools, how did you come up with that idea? Is it any different from creating just one fish?

    As we know, fish swim in schools in real life, so it was only a matter of time before we added them to the game. We introduced our first school during the Thanksgiving Day event: it was the Turkey Family — the turkey mom with her chicks. We received lots of positive feedback about it, which could only mean that we were heading in the right direction.

    As for the second part of the question, the only difference is that we need to set up interactions between fish inside the schools.

    Noted! And now, there’s also a fish with a special effect in Fishdom! Tell us about how the Magical Unicorn fish was created!

    Oh, that was a fun one to make! We had actually been thinking of adding something special to the game for a while. When we saw the final concept of the Magical Unicorn, we realized that it was a perfect opportunity to create a distinctive feature — how about a rainbow tail that follows the fish with every move?

    In fact, coming up with the idea was the easiest part of the job. It took a lot of work to find the right tool to create the effect and then to set it up. But it was worth it — you can see for yourself in the game And there will definitely be more fish like it!

    We can’t wait to see them! Now, here comes another frequently asked question: how do you decide on the price for each fish?

    That’s a good one! Well, we take several factors into account before setting the price. For example, we consider the price of the previous fish and its kind. We also keep in mind the upcoming events.

    In general, each fish requires the same amount of play time to earn enough vouchers. The only exception to that is the schools.

    Got it! One last question: do unique fish have favorite aquariums or in-game events?

    We’re actually working on that right now. We’re trying to find a “home” for each fish — the ones that we’ve already created and the ones that are still to come.

    We have a lot of awesome ideas in the works for our players! Make sure you always have the most recent version of the game to enjoy all our exciting updates!

    Thanks a lot for the interview, and we wish everyone a FISHtastic day!

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    good one, how your day going?

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    What if I have an incredible idea for a game? I've spoken with Davison invention; but money is an might want to hear this

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    Some of these fish look like Disney critters in search of a princess...

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    Very cool...🙈🎉🥳💪

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