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    Re:requesting items from co-op

    In the co-op “chat”. On the button ”product request” there should be a option to pick how many you items are need up to the allowable preset amount. IE early I only needed 1 coat of the 4 allowed (“requested”), I made a note in the chat and quickly my co-op filled the request for all 4. It would be nice to either be able to cancel request when the needed amount is received or only request the actual amount needed up to the pre-set number of items.

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    Hi Canyoncity,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your request seems to be one that I have only heard once. Most are wanting to be able to get more items without having to use a booster.

    While you may only need one, fulfilling the "extra" items gives the members of the co-op coins/clovers. More often than not, a prospective clover is worth more than a chat request saying that a limited quantity is all that is required.

    If I might suggest: Be glad that you have a co-op that is so willing to help. And know that you have helped them too just by asking.

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