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Thread: Township Shortcuts on Android Devices

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    I have 7.1.1

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    I will try this. Thank you.

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    Thank you Blockheadjess. I will try that.
    Erm....stupid as I am, where do I find my game launcher to update it!!
    I can usually figure things out but I'm so tired tonight my brain is freezing!
    I appreciate your help, thanks

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    I have the 7.1 version but still don't have the new shortcuts.

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    This is stupid! Using space on my screen for a game that has creators that dont listen to what we're asking for. Like a tool shed! Instead now we have to trade In the building materials to get tools to build expensive buildings BUT the building materials you just used to trade you now have to wait and collect more to finish building. [Nope]
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    How do you uninstall a pinned shortcut to replace with another more frequently used one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAMB View Post
    How do you uninstall a pinned shortcut to replace with another more frequently used one?
    You can uninstall them the same way you uninstall normally apps: long tap/select remove from...

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    After rebooting my device I was able to fix the problem. Thanks
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm happy to see that you find Shortcuts handy πŸ’₯ And sorry to hear that some of you are experiencing issues. I have consulted our devs, and they explained that this feature's availability depends not only on the OS version but also on the launchers you use. Please bear in mind that it may be not supported by the manufacturer of your device.

    However, there are some steps that you may try to enable the feature:

    1. Check if Shortcuts are available for other apps (e.g. Play Market or Chrome). If not, try using a launcher that supports Shortcuts.
    2. If Shortcuts show up for other apps, but not for Township, please make sure that the in-game notifications are enabled: open Township Settings β†’ Additional Settings and tick the notifications you’d like to receive.
    3. Please note that Shortcuts may appear only after you receive a corresponding notification from the game (e.g. the Airport shortcut may pop up only after someone helped you fill the box and you received the notification). So try playing for some time to check whether it works for you.

    Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that Shortcuts will be available to all our players. If none of the options help, you may try contacting the manufacturer of your device to check whether Shortcuts are supported.

    I hope this information helps.

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    This doesn't work and I'm on a S8 all the long tap does is just delete my app off the home screen

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