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Thread: Township needs a notepad

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    Township needs a notepad

    I dont know if anyone has suggested this previously, but a personal notepad for in game use would be amazing, for me anyway. I don't play as much as I did but when I do play, I tend to make mental notes of what I want to accomplish in the game, then wind up forgetting something and leaving without having done it, only to come back later and realize I forgot to do that important thing. This applies to all aspects of the game and means I tend to forget regatta tasks Im doing, planes Im filling, items Im waiting on, etc. I know we already have notifications, but a place where you could make notes for yourself would be so helpful.

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    Hi Isaidno,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I remember someone mentioning that they use "markers" to note things, such as a particular decoration that tells what factory is being upgraded. I actually have a sticky note on my phone that reminds me what "ore" I am using the dealer for (so that I don't have to go through the whole process of trying to get back to maximum quantities after accidentally choosing the wrong one).

    Bear in mind though that your "regatta task" shows on-screen while you are working on it; plus you can always see your task inside at the regatta docks too. As for the other bits, you may want to create your own notification system.

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    Isaidno, if you put "notepad" in the search bar, you'll find numerous previous mentions of this. Just FYI.

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    This would be very helpful because I need to remember what other towns need what products and I have to jump back and forth from my market to other towns.

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