I've been playing the game for months now with my family and a bunch of friends and I'd like to share some of my experiences which I'm guessing other people experience as well. If game coders can keep these things in mind maybe they can add some of these concerns in upcoming updates?

On the iPad the total barn inventory number slides in and completely hides the regatta task number bubble.
This is problematic when I'm picking up my crops because I plant the exact amount I need to finish the regatta task. If I can't see the regatta task bubble which tells me how many crops I need - and how many I have picked up - then I can, and often do, miss it when the Double Crop Booster has run out.

Same issue when someone sends me something I requested in my co-op window “Request Items”? or however it’s written. If my game is off when they fulfill my order request then when I turn it back on I am immediately updated that someone fulfilled my request and how many they gave me. The problem is that on my iPad the window identifying who sent me my request is completely covered by the Game Center reconnect bubble/message. By the time the Game Center bubble goes away the name if who helped me has disappeared so I can’t identify them directly in the co-op window when I go to say “Thanks”. People like to be recognized for their generosity and I don’t blame them.

Is there any way we can get an on-screen visual for how many of any specific item in the City Market that we already have when we click on it? It’s an immediate purchase option when you touch something and it would be nice if we could tap an item and see some information about it - like how many we currently have, and if it's needed for a train, plane, or task.

The City Market items are much too sensitive. It’s hard to scroll the window of items because touching any one of them too hard or too long or too... I don't know what... makes me buy them. I've been buying items "not on purpose" since I started this game and I'd really like it to stop. I'm just trying to scroll the window. I don't need 3 couches I just need to see the rest of the City Market inventory.