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Thread: Downfall of Township?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    I agree this game is not among the worst offenders among games I've tried. My only beef would be with the increasing difficulty of the side events. Some of them are simply no longer fun.

    Ok, beefs. The other is the steep tcash prices for decorations, some of which have gone up from year to year.
    I have to agree with you.
    They are my two beefs lately as well

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    Fully agree!!

    And as if PLAYRIX hadn't stuffed up the game enough. I have now been banned for 3 days so far for simply updating!! I got a message delving me access to the game unless I updated, so I updated and now I'm publicly declared a cheat and denied access to the game I have spent so much money on! This is CRIMINAL, ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL. I don't cheat and I don't condone cheating!! SHAME ON PLAYRIX a crooked bunch of thieves that don't give a damn about their customers!!

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    You can’t get far without buying t cash but when mine is all gone will not buy anymore. This update really bites the biscuit. I been playing 4 years I’m an oap and don’t go out much so play most days The game is now costing too much
    There are too many requirements the dealer can’t even cope with demand so couple of weeks I will be out and looking elsewhere in the mean time
    The tool exchange not seen anyone praise it not much good said about the zoo either
    This may be a business but too many disgruntled users plenty of angry ones round her and businesses go bust. No business is immune from its users and enough round this neck of the woods to tip the scales
    This update is a joke

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    I Couldn't Agree More! 😎

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    On macOS they should rename Airport Global Top to "Parade of Cheaters"
    I went from 30 to 69 in about 9 weeks and got passed by players with millions of points and they score 10th of thousands of points day by day

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    Ive not been playing this game as long as some. But I do think the side events, whether fun or not, totally jack up the game dynamics to the point I don't really want to play anymore while they're on. They affect the trains, boats and heli far too much. During this event, 90% of my heli requests are for low coin high crop items. I have dismissed every customer on a couple occasions now, something Ive never done before this event. And it's obvious it has a connection to seeds coming from heli orders, because when that dynamic is not present there is a more predictable ratio of high paying/xp orders. I don't expect them to all be high. But I haven't gotten any high heli orders that don't request pineapple icecream, and I haven't gotten a pineapple in several days (and then the train asked for that ice cream yetsterday...seriously!?!). The side games are not fun when they ruin the main game. I didn't play this game so I could cut up fruit (or any other minigame).

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