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Thread: Downfall of Township?

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    Downfall of Township?

    Morning everyone, I can't help but vent out my frustration about the recent updates.

    I could write a whole essay why people at Playrix feel the need to keep involving the game to suit new users, to adapt to modern times or should I be honest and say greed has taken hold now from the popularity and it's time to cash in?

    What is the end goal? What is the target?

    Township USE to be one of the best farming/city building games available to download and play.

    I have played this game just shy of 2 years everyday and even spent REAL money but the last 6 months there has been drastic changes to the core game that even someone like me just can't help but question WHY!!!!

    I use to love playing events, it felt like a extra mini game within a game but now, with all these new events, harder regatta , tool exchange building everything seems to be more T-Cash induced.

    I love the good old story where someone from humble beginnings makes a great product,enjoys making it, makes millions of users happy but HATE when one day they decide it's time to change their core values what MADE them who they are in the first place.

    There is to many points to cover, I could speak about the downgrade of the zoo update, you want 12 orders to get a chest unlocked to get a few zoo cards, but I need 7 rubbers and 4 pineapples ONE order, yeah ok keep dreaming mate.

    You want us to spend hard earned T-Cash to be competitive in events and regatta yeah alright keep dreaming mate.

    What happened to helping Ernie out, that use to be a quick clover or two now I never see help from Ernie?

    Who decided to come up with the tool exchange building to complicate things even more?

    I would love for people to petition and would LOVE!!!! to see a live Q&A video from the people at Playrix to answer some of the questions people have been asking for in the forums and on facebook, but this won't happen.

    You think they care about your opinions? You think they care what made this game what it is? Nope only hardcore fans of the game will continue to swallow the filth Playrix is shoving down their throats, least they pay.

    That's the moral of the story folks, build a great product together with same vision, then watch it suck out your soul once you become irrelevant

    I would like to see the moderators of this forums to voice out the opinions of the rest, why pay more for less and less value?

    I don't play any games at all when I started Township, I was addicted to it, now it feels like if I don't give any real value (T-Cash) I can barely progress, feels more like a chore then it does a entertainment value.

    Some of you will be like, if you don't like the new garbage changes then don't don't play it? Well it comes to that point after dedicating so many hours into the game you loved you to enjoy that you question is it worth it anymore?

    I talk alot of gibberish but for any TRUE fan of the game can't say you's are happy with the new direction where you need to pour T-Cash to do anything anymore.

    All I want is bring this game back to it's roots, what made it great, simple right? but yet nothing is simple in today's society.

    Money speaks, losers weep

    Peace out everyone.

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    I'm with you all the way, especially since I play it on the Windows platform. I already deleted the Android version. Got tired of that one quick. But windows, I'm at level 100. The only thing that really kept me going is the Regatta. Nothing more to build pass level 78 and the Zoo, geez I 've lost my Zoo 8 times, and Playrix says they are working on it. They've been working on it for over a year now and it is still not fixed, no more I gave up on that piece of garbage. I really think that Playrix is discriminating against windows users. The other platforms get updates and events all the time, windows updates and new events maybe once a year. And I have spent real money from time to time, no more though. Not worth it, and I'm not a rich person. I'm getting out of my co-op after this race and play the game at my leisure, no more paying from town cash, no more headaches running a co-op or doing the regatta. If it wasn't for the regatta, I would've dumped this game a long time ago.

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    Yes, I can't say I'm at all enamoured of the changes to either of the 2 Playrix properties I play - Township and Homescapes. I think we all understand that commercial developers only make games to make money. That's it. There are people out there who make truly free games, but the cost of hosting complex games like Township probably preclude too many really good free games making it onto most people's radar. But then again, maybe there are, and I'm just not aware of them?
    I started playing Township as a replacement for another game. I got to hating being raided all the time, building stuff taking forever and a day, "needing" to spend real cash to get anywhere. It just got tedious and boring. Sure, I like a challenge. But it still needs to be enjoyable. There are far too many die-hard serious players out there. They don't belong in the same sandpit as us mere mortals. And this is one of the HUGE problems with online games - having people from n00bs through to regulars through to the die-hards.
    The argument will be that the latter group subsidize the rest of us, and I guess to a degree that's true. But here's the thing: the money that the developers make primarily comes from micro purchases - yes? Maybe not once they hit "the big league" where those die-hards will spend hundreds of dollars every month on their addiction, but until then, yes. So here's the thing. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense, and keep a lot more people happy, to make the cost of T-Cash very cheap so that people would be tempted to buy more and use more? And wouldn't it make sense to not make the upgrades so ridiculously expensive that people just lose enthusiasm for the game which has gone from being a fun diversion into almost a full time "job"? Yes, those things would make sense. I'd be happy to pay $1-$2 per month on T-Cash. That's around $25 a year. Now if Playrix can gently entice a couple of hundred thousand other people to do that - not so hard - they wouldn't need to rely on the die-hards, nor would they feel obliged to recode the game to make it so hard that people drop away due to it just not being enjoyable any more.
    Of particular interest is the current Aerial Challenge event. I like this one - it's the only one that really involves a skerrit of skill. I hate those ones that require timing and rely heavily on precise hand gestures. The screen on my tablet often loses track of where I am, and as a result I suck on any events that require precision. It's supposed to be enjoyable, not a task, right? Anyway, after getting my plane upgraded to 100% red (within 2 days of the comp starting), like many people I just can't break my max (of 2158). I'm stuck in 2nd place behind someone who can't break 2200. Yet I see on the main leaderboard, people with scores near 4000! I've flown over 50 flights, but there's never enough batteries around to keep the flight going. Out of frustration I've even bought 3 of the help boxes from the market, but the battery patterns are so random that there's no way to break out of 2nd place without one of those bizarre random events that Playrix is famous for in both Township and Homescapes. I don't know how the developers can sleep straight at night, knowing they REALLY infuriate people with the way they stack the game and the events the way they do.
    Like Sp8rk3y, I've been giving serious consideration to just not playing ANY Playrix game. I can't abide playing loaded games, games that are loaded not only to frustrate players but also addict them enough so that they eventually, out of desperate frustration, stump up some hard cash - only to be faced by the same brick wall a day or 2 later. Yes, we've all got the freedom to choose to play or not play. And I'm right on the borderline of choosing "not". As with the other game, the amount I've "invested" in Township, both money and time, won't stop me ditching it and warning others away from the franchise. I doubt you're listening, Playrix - but it's us "Joe Bloggs" types who made you famous, who make up the unwashed masses who bulk out the ranks of your player cadres. The die-hards might make you a stack of cash in the short term, but once "we" give up and leave in disgust, they will as well once they are only fighting amongst themselves for bragging rights. Time for you to listen to us.
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    The inability to scroll through my friends list in addition to the returning to the beginning of the list when I inadvertently press on a city when the game lags is maddening. This never used to happen prior to the last update. The developers keep giving us a line of crap about fixing it. Freaking fix the scrolling issue and the return to Ernie issue. Make it a priority over any new features that just eff up the game further.

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    Ah we are such a happy bunch of players. With each upgrade things go downhill. First they took our zoo shops away and now there is a tool exchange to make things even harder. Way to go Playrix. I am nearly at level 100. Everything is built in my town (my zoo is closed) which only leaves regatta and events. I remember a time when an event really was an ‘event’. Now I don’t bother with events either. Will I continue to play Township?

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    The sad thing is that, for every player leaving the game, hundreds of new players join the game daily and they will play the game until they too get fed-up with playrix and decide to leave the game. So you, see Playrix doesnt care how many players leave the game. There will always be more new players joining the game than the players leaving the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by margiepf View Post
    The sad thing is that, for every player leaving the game, hundreds of new players join the game daily and they will play the game until they too get fed-up with playrix and decide to leave the game. So you, see Playrix doesnt care how many players leave the game. There will always be more new players joining the game than the players leaving the game.
    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!

    Playrix might throw us a bone now and then to distract us (the shiny new animal cards spring to mind) but they will never return the game to its former glory. We are stuck with the travesty of the "new zoo" and the ridiculous tool exchange.

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    I think that you guys are worried way too much about the zoo and give out a ton of animal cards for it, but we aren't getting hardly any coupons for speeding up the dealer, ships, planes, or helicopters at all! WE NEED MORE LAB COUPONS!!!!! Also it takes way too long for a lot of the things to get made in the factories, it should not bv take that long. Another thing I dont like is the new tool building. It takes long enough to get the brick/glass/boards from the trains to build things already. Why in the world would you add these stupid tools required to complete the building now?!?! PLEASE FIX THESE!!!

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    The debate on using real money has become old now. The game can be played without using real money, it is only our own frustrations that reel us in to spending.
    The game is offered as a free game, but also states there are in game purchases, yet we still choose to play, then complain lol

    Players here choosing to leave the game..well...Playrix won't even notice.
    As said above those leaving will be replaced...and on top of that the leavers are only a tiny blip in the grand scheme of things.

    Players called out for a change to the zoo, and the devs listened.
    For everyone that doesn't like the new changes there will be someone that loves it.

    The tool exchange is another that will be loved or hated.
    That too has been discussed.
    the items needed to build are now spent in the tool exchange, but in a much lesser capacity, therefore relieving the barm somewhat.

    The game being aimed at the new players is not entirely true.
    Long time players were getting bored.
    Playrix tried to address this and introduced a new CB and houses to build. None of which needed TCash lol.

    The target... There simply isn't one. From the start Playrix have stated the game will be ongoing and never ending.
    The reason for adding to the population and the latest land expansion.

    Every month we get minor glitches with the updates.
    Yes, minor, when we think the updates are monthly and there is a lot to add and test.
    Of course when a glitch affects our own game, we rush to complain, but for those that are affected there are many more that are not.
    I remember when a barn glitch resulted in the barn automatically updating itself, almost everyday.
    No complaints there, players were laughing and joking about it.
    There have been similar glitches that were in the players favour..without complaints.

    It seems Playrix do what they can to keep everyone happy, but, that's impossible.
    The changes made will never please everyone.
    It's human nature to not like change, to not spend more than having to, and to complain when not happy due to both these.
    Let's not forget this is a business, and the aim is to maintain a profit margin.
    For us it's a game to be enjoyed if we let it.

    Let's just enjoy the ride.

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