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Thread: No bricks no bricks no bricks

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    No bricks no bricks no bricks

    Alright, Township,

    Stop sending the piggy banks if you won’t send any bricks!

    I need 134 bricks for a zoo enclosure. It’s sitting and waiting. WAITING.

    The tool exchange wants 25 bricks. Sitting and WAITING.

    I’ve been waiting over a week for bricks. I was sent ONE.

    You know what? Your TOS prevents profanity but it doesn’t prevent TS from treating people profanely.

    1/3 or more of my game is now idle: can’t build zoo enclosures, can’t build the animal hospital, can’t build houses, can’t expand land.

    But you keep sending piggy banks.


    It’s not funny any more.

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    what do you mean by "sending piggy banks"?
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    It’s s promotion to purchase T cash.

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    Today I have 4 bricks. I need 134 to finish the walrus zoo enclosure. I cannot continue with zoo enclosures. I need 21 electric saws to finish the animal hospital. For several days, the tool exchange wants bricks for electric saws. So the tool exchange is also at a standstill. So no further progress with the animal hospital, houses, and land expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EThunderbird View Post
    For several days, the tool exchange wants bricks for electric saws. So the tool exchange is also at a standstill.
    just to mention it: you are aware you can (and should) delete these requests for bricks at the Tools exchange?
    I agree it's not much fun, but you must "slalom" through the requests, so to speak:
    I decided to put my zoo enclosures on hold for a while, till I have the Animal hospital. Bought the 2 other boxes at the T.E. and deleted every offer that required slabs (cos the A.H. does), and also didn't buy the third item, which is not required at the moment (drill, I believe?).
    ah yes, not "bought" but "exchanged" with materials - just the same here, IMO.

    Also got the other 2 materials (for zoo) by train, but held them at 70 after a while, cos my barn would get too full. Yes, you simply can't do "all".

    Stopped doing anything at the T.E., after getting the 30+ of tools for the A.E.
    Now am waiting for the last 2 slabs for the 101 of A.E., and started with 0 a few days ago.

    Sometime later today, I guess. Then the houses... and the next zoo enclosure, which requires glass and bricks.
    You replace my slabs with your bricks in the process, and it should work? slooowly, but would?

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    Lol . Those piggy banks are annoying. Lol

    As the animal hospital needs slabs + 2 of the new tools, I’m guessing it’s the new tools holding you up on that. Jackhammer + saw if I recall.

    On your tool exchange have you bought all 3 shelves? That helps with choices.

    Plus sounds like you need to do a little less sitting and WAITING on your tool exchange. If it’s asking for bricks and you don’t like it, just delete the 3 offers, WAIT an hour and get 3 new offers. Great way to get ride of all the excess glass you must have.

    There’s a little trash icon next to each of the 3 green tabs that says exchange. Give them a go LOL

    So: swap your glass and any excess slabs for the new tools, get enough tools for the animal hospital, and you’ll soon be rebalancing.
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    Thank you, DD & L&P Star 2! You are keeping me sane!

    Actually, I have been dumping T.E. orders constantly since I got the T.E. in service. All it will ask for is combos which include bricks!

    Backing up in the story, when my T.E. first became functional it asked for slabs & glass. I got a good start on jackhammers that way, using up all my glass. Now I need electric saws. For these saws, the game will only ask for bricks. I had used all my bricks in a zoo enclosure, so now I had none. Yet the game would not send me a brick for at least 4 days. I was filling my trains ASAP to get the bricks. I was also dumping orders in the T.E. Yet, every time it comes back asking for bricks for saws!

    I do not think it is right for the game to expect me to be patient when it demands a commodity it is not providing for several days.

    On this topic, I look like a complainer, but really I'm an active and a loyal fan of TS. I lead a coop. I level up quickly (I'm at L110 which isn't too shabby). I play all the games. I work on all parts of the game. I interact with lots of players, filling requests. I even have a decent layout, whereas so many people ignore the layout and just play the regatta or the games inside the game.

    I AM listening to your advice. Thank you.

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    you're welcome, ET and glad to hear you're still working on it. I don't find you overly complaining; you're the 2nd reporting not getting one material for a week. That's just too long, whatever is the reason.
    And esp. when you did dump and all that...
    I suggested to the other user to contact Playrix and ask them to check their game (or Playrix' programming *g*), if it really is a WEEK without any of the right tools.

    The only thing I can think of (where you can do anything) is that you're trying too much at the same time - as mentioned, you must probably decide between your walrus enclosure and the A.H.

    You probably have no other CBs left to build, right? but you could check out Zimbelstern's post here anyway

    where they describe which "combinations" are possible, probably as confirmation. (there's also more advice by L&P Star 2 ) So the A.H. should only ask for slabs, plus 2 tools (which means you could use the other 2 materials (if you have them ) for getting the tools).

    Good luck
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    For me it’s glass that remains elusive *angry sad face*
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    251 slabs, 205 bricks and 140 glass.

    two complete the two zoo enclosure i need (242 glass + 242 bricks) and (230 glass + 230 slabs)

    so 472 glass is needed in total.

    Playrix you have lost the plot! Are you deliberately trying to alienate players, so that they will abandon the game?

    The requirements to fill some of these zoo orders is grossly excessive!

    As for Playrix Support, what a joke if anyone thinks real support is offered. Same dribble "i apologize for the delayed response" "we will do our best to not let you down like this again" utter BS!

    Over and over is the same automated dribble. Seriously if you do not wish to offer "real" support, then simply disconnect the link.

    As for the Russian regattas, seriously if Nikita Khrushchev had this many speedboat winners in his fleet, he would have dominated the world in the 1960s.

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