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Thread: Less Racist Island Characters

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    Less Racist Island Characters

    I think the island characters for Frutus, Tropica, and Olivia are extremely insensitive, and portray negative cultural stereotypes. I collect the user icons from the events, but I couldn't even bear to use the one with the lady from Tropica and neither did any of my teammates. She looks like she's "Mammy" style and the fruit hat is closely associated with Chiquita banana advertising which was often racist.

    The Frutus man is especially bad, the hook nose and shifty eyebrows and impatient animation fits right in with popular tropes about Arabic culture.

    I think it really stands out that the white Fishermen's guy is buff and traditionally pleasant looking.

    Can we please get better representations of other cultures for the islanders? The townspeople have variety, extending it to the islands would be appreciated.


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    This is not racism. They are just trying to make it look like the people who live there. Everyone looks different, and people should not get offended by how a picture looks

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    They also say something about Christopher Columbus discovering America in the fire coral description.

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