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Thread: No more adds from director on helicopter pad please help!

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    Unhappy No more adds from director on helicopter pad please help!

    Good day, my director is not giving me anymore ads to watch when I open my helicopter pad this has been going on for 5 days now, Please how do I get it back? My town name is ***REINERS ON SEA*** My Co-Op is AAA Tag #PUV445 My profile number to invite friends is Z3HNU2, I play on Windows 10 platform. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I love this game and that is how I earn Township cash, now I am struggling because I don't have money to buy Township cash. PLEASE I beg you help me on this issue. Kind Regards, TanjaR.

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    My director is gone as well. I accidently clicked the 'trash' button instead of watch and he has never came back.

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    Hi Danita,

    The first time that I accidentally trashed the director, it was about 30 days (give or take) before I saw him again. When he reappeared, it was business as usual.

    Then, at a higher level, oops, I did it again. Then it was only 24 hours until he returned.

    I've done it a few more times, but he has never been gone more than 24 hours. Be patient. It might take a while, but I would imagine that he will return at some point.

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    He used to come every time I opened the helo pad,but now only a few times a week... how do I get him back regularly? He is how l pay for Raj in my market!

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    Sadly...for me, he went mia for good because I made an actual purchase for a cute decoration. Wish he'd come back.

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    My director is gone also how can i get it back.

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    You can’t. The director is random. Some people get him & some don’t. Enjoy him while you’ve got him.

    If you purchase tcash he disappears too.

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