1.I wish Playrix would allow higher upgrade levels on the factories, farm animals, and ships. Once you get into the higher levels with larger quantity demands, it is impossible to keep the barn stocked with even 1 of each item. You might spend 7 1/2 hours making 3 bouquets only to have a single train reduce your inventory to 0 in a flash. My sugar factory runs 24/7 completely upgraded and I still am constantly out of sugar, syrup, caramel, and honey-caramel. I buy the store keeper and everything in his store perpetually yet still I can't keep up. I shudder to think of the frustration when I get the last 3 factories. Please initiate further factory speed upgrades.
2.Please come up with a better system for field distribution. Basing field distribution on population works for no one. It puts your developers in a position of having to come up with more community buildings for which the players have no space, no materials, and little desire. It makes the players unhappy because they can't accumulate enough fields to grow all the products in sufficient quantities to meet demand. A better system would possibly be based on levels. Each time a player goes up they get 1 field. If they don't have room for more fields they can put them in storage until an expansion or rearrangement allows room for the field.
Despite the many outcries of "playrix doesn't care", I feel that you ARE interested in improving the township systems so that players continue to play long term. These two issues are interfering with my personal enjoyment of the game, so I hope it will be possible to address them.