I have this problem for almost a month, I tried to ask the help from the customer support, but no success, they are repeating the same. I'm wondering whether anyone has/had the same problem and they could solve it somehow?

Since the last 2 updates my game doesn't start - it wants to dowload the content (I'm pretty sure it'd be the Christmas theme, as since Austin has the hat, my game is not running), but shows that it finds no WiFi. I'm connected to a GOOD Wi-Fi, but if I connect to others, the problem is not solved. I also tried to download the content with mobile internet.

What I have tried:
- I tried to delete the game, and reinstall
- I tried to shut down my phone
- I tried to restart my phone
And their combination.

What do you think, what should I do now? I'm kinda sad because this was my favourite game, but I'm really thinking about removing it from my phone.

I'm using my HTC One Max Android (version 4.4.2) phone, if that helps.