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Thread: New township Logo

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    New township Logo

    I for one preferred the old logo! When I first signed up, I saw this cute little logo and the name Township and checked it out, curious enough I downloaded and found that this was much more than just a farming game! It is A City of Industry! A chance to create more than just a town even! YES, You farm AND THATS FUN BUT.... you BECOME A MAYOR OF YOUR VERY OWN TOWN AND build factories, make products, ship products, share products with your neighbors .....AND BY DOING THIS, younarevbuilding friendships! You create and build and decorate your beautiful town and zoo making a wonderful home for your towns people! We can even start co ops and join in races against other neighboring communities! We can communicate live with other mayors in chat rooms and in open forum and The possibilities are ENDLESS!
    Now...with the new tractor and field logo I see...”Oh, it’s just another farm game!”
    Honestly I don’t think I would have even checked it out with this logo let alone downloaded it! How sad life would be then!

    If you wont put it back the way it was, please change it to show something, anything that says that THIS IS NOT JUST A FARM GAME because at-a-Glance, this is all they will see and WE HERE AT TOWNSHIP are about so much more than Farming! We are neighbors, community, friends and EVEN A FAMILY! And much more!

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    This would be wonderful, Personally there are way too many farming games, what I loved about this game was how much you can go into decoration and what not. You should advertise this is much more than another farming game :3

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