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Thread: Tool exchange

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrrho View Post
    I need Jack hammers. I bought a second slot. Neither ever offer a single jackhammer. I have lots of drills and saws. Zero Jack hammers. I've been dumping for days. No Jack hammers.
    This is how the new tool exchange has been working for me much better than I would have believed it to. I felt the same as a lot of people here, wishing for a tool 'swap' (brick for slab) instead of collecting more tools, and I thought it would be more difficult, but it hasn't been for me.

    Since the update, my second CB is almost finished. I have only one slot for exchange. My current CB needs drills and jackhammers. Accepting orders to keep numbers of drills and jackhammers balanced while deleting orders with circular saws, has worked for me. I did the same with my last CB, never collecting too much of one tool, but trying to keep the number of both even.

    My zoo has been put on hold, while I focus on my CB's for a couple of levels, and collect enough coin to swap to working on enclosures. I don't think will work well to do CB's and zoo enclosures at the same time.

    I have noticed with bricks & slabs etc. for the zoo, that if I have 85 bricks and 35 slabs, I will be waiting ages for that last slab. Same with my barn, I am waiting for ages on paint, while my number of nails, hammers is way over what I need. Uneven numbers never works well for getting what you want.

    The new tool exchange is doing for me what Playrix said it would do, helping to keep my building materials down.

    Good luck with getting your Jackhammers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Better approach than yesterday's explosion (although understandable)
    Yes, it's sometimes hard to get (any, btw) CS folks to READ.

    But, sometimes misunderstandings happen, too. F.e. I don't understand your sentence about exchanging "for" drills and saws - you're exchanging for / waiting for jackhammers, no? (were you describing your undesirable results..?) Just asking, while we wait
    You think THAT was an explosion? [Mod edit: nope nope nope, rule #3]
    There is obviously some serious issues with the tool exchange. After weeks, still NO JACKJHAMMER OFFERS.
    Supports second reply was a suggestion that I get jackhammers from the House of Luck and the Regatta prizes.
    OMG, like they think I don't already do those ?
    Zero jackhammers in my barn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrrho View Post
    You think THAT was an explosion? [Mod edit: nope nope nope, rule #3]
    Pyrrho, I see from the Mod edit that it was obviously more important for you to try and insult me, than f.e. doing something meaningful and teach me something I *wanted* to know, by answering my question. (right, not interested anymore now)
    I hope for you that your conversations with CS were better thought out, and more clear re. the facts.
    Have a nice life!
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    I got to level 62 today and jackhammers immediately showed up in the tool exchange. Hope this helps, 😊

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    No jackhammers here either. Not a single one.

    I am another player who has not seen any jackhammers. I am at level 61. Playrix, stop forcing me to collect only drills and saws until level 62 opens up! I assume they programmed it this way thinking they would only give you what you need for your next CB. NOT a good idea for those of us who skip many of the CBS. Stop telling me how to play the game and in what order I should collect items. Otherwise, I end up with just as much wasted material and selling off the original excess bricks, slabs and glass is more profitable than converting to unneeded drills or saws. I can only collect so many saws and drills for my next few buildings. I did reach out to support and actually got an answer from a human (rare). They said they would “look into it” and “pass it along.” I hope they do as we need to receive all three types of Tool Exchange materials at all 60-and-over levels of the game!

    Playrix, by level 62 I will have a ridiculously unbalanced quantity of many saws and drills and zero jackhammers. So then you will offer me mixed offers of jackhammers and drills for the Flower Shop? Yet I already have a huge excess of drills? The Tool Exchange should work just like the trains and give all three materials. Otherwise tool quantities become unbalanced rapidly. Please fix.
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    So far, I really hate this thing. I've opened up all 3 slots to maximize my ability to get a decent deal, but no matter how many I dump, I always need tons of glass and I can hardly get jackhammers to show up. I used to get tons of glass on my trains, but as soon as I finished building the tool exchange, I stopped getting glass basically.

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    I need 13jackhammers for shipbuilding yard. Have more than enough drills and bricks. I keep dumping the options in the te but no jackhammers for days.

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    I’ve been trying to get Jack hammers to complete my ship yard, which has meant using lots of bricks, then I needed to build a Walrus enclosure because I’ve an animal waiting to go in there, now it’s build I don’t have enough bricks or slabs...
    It’s very frustrating, I really don’t know why they’ve brought in this Tool Exchange nonsense! Who can we complain to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrrho View Post
    I need Jack hammers. I bought a second slot. Neither ever offer a single jackhammer. I have lots of drills and saws. Zero Jack hammers. I've been dumping for days. No Jack hammers.
    Did you ever figure this out? I've needed a jackhammer for weeks. They never offer the dang thing to me. I'm wondering if we have to have bought all 3 slots before they'll offer all 3 tools. Ridiculous to have to waste 15,000 just to see if that's the issue but I'm considering trying that because right now I'm stuck!

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    I agree now I have got all the tools but it is a joke. Take away to get that stuff. Unfortunately you need it cause some buildings need them.

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