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Thread: Tool exchange

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    Has this been resolved? I too am never seeing jackhammers. Three slots and dumping continuously. Is the answer wait till level 62? Or is there no guarantees I will ever see them?

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    I don't think anything is broken. I see all three tools in the tool exchange in similar numbers.

    It seems that players need to wait until level 62 to see jackhammers there, perhaps because we have no need for them until the Flower Shop CB atLevel 62. It does seem kind of silly, but I'm guessing they did it to make it easier to get the drills and saws we need for the level 60 cb first.

    You only need 8 of the jackhammers for the Flower Shop so it shouldn't take you long once they start coming, especially with three slots.

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    Many thanks for that. Was just trying to get ahead, so all materials there ready for flower shop. Makes sense, though silly. Thanks.

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    You are not the only only one. I am one of many who are angry at this tool exchange. We build up windows, planks and bricks for buildings then find we have to exchange precious building materials for the special tools, jack hammers, drills and saws. Meanwhile, we have zoo enclosures to build, plus community buildings. Funnily enough, the building stock you were going to use to complete your zoo enclosure goes on very few special tools.
    I have been waiting to finish the community building I am currently still waiting to build after several weeks.

    Playrix is turning a fantastic game into something of a money draining pit for its players. Playrix, please make the game easier so we get special tools without losing loads of building materials, please!!!

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    Lenise Page, I think there is a more positive way to look at this tool exchange. Even without it you couldn't save materials for a zoo enclosure and a community building at the same time as they still need the same materials, so the tool exchange doesn't affect that, as usual the advice is do one building at a time, whether it is zoo or Community building.

    Then when you are working on a community building all the tool exchange does is save you room in your barn. The new Community building would take over 330 materials with no tool exchange, with the exchange it will be less than 200. Personally I find this a great help and really wish we could use it for the zoo as well.

    My policy, ignore the tool exchange unless I am saving for a Community building, then exchange the two materials I don't need for the two tools I do. Dump any other exchanges.

    And yes I know if you didn't need the tools those materials could be used in the zoo...but without the tool exchange those materials would be needed for your community building anyway and would be taking up barn space.

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