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Thread: Level Walkthroughs (77-360)

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    Level 65

    Has level 65 got you puzzled? Fear not, here is a link to help you through the level:

    Good luck!

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    Level 75

    Do you need some help to complete level 75? Hop over the fence and follow these tips:

    Good luck!

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    Level 94

    You are so close to one hundred completed levels now! Here are some tips for level 94!

    Good luck!

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    Level 98

    You can do it! Here are some tips to beat level 98!

    Good luck!

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    Level 110

    Yes! You are well into over 100 completed levels! Let us help you beat level 110!

    Good luck!

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    Level 115

    Stuck with level 115? Need some help breaking those chains? Here you go!

    Good luck!

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    Level 118

    Send Austin to the Garden centre so you can use these tips to beat level 118!

    Good luck!

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    Level 121

    Need help getting rid of those obstacles in level 121? Here you are!

    Good luck!

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    Level 156

    Need help with level 156? Find yourself a seat on the bench and check out this tips!

    Good luck!

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    Level 360

    Tired of going round in circles trying to beat level 360?! Check out these tips to straighten things out!

    Good luck!

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