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Thread: Level Walkthroughs (77-360)

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    Level Walkthroughs (77-360)

    Hello fellow Gardenscapers!

    This is a temporary thread for links to the Walkthroughs, tips and official Playrix videos that are currently available.

    Soon there will be a new section in this Forum appearing, so keep those hedges pruned so that you don't miss a thing!
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    Level 77

    Here is the link to some help for Level 77 and those tricky lemonade glasses!

    Good luck!

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    Level 25

    Here is the link for tips to help you beat Level 25!

    Good luck!

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    Level 27

    Here is the link that may help you beat Level 27!

    Good luck!

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    Level 29

    Having trouble with level 29? Here is some help!

    Good luck!

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    Level 37

    Needing help with level 37? Take a look at these tips:

    Good luck!

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    Level 43

    Here is the link to help you beat level 43!

    Good Luck!

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    Level 45

    Here are some tips to help you conquer level 45!

    Good Luck!

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    Level 54

    Stuck on level 54? Check out the link below for tips on how to beat this level!

    Good luck!

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    Level 57

    Well you are over halfway to one hundred levels completed! Here is the link to add level 57 to your successful list:

    Good luck!

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