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Thread: Slabs Part Duex

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    Quote Originally Posted by rj-01 View Post
    I am HAPPY to report that selling excess building material so that they were about equal WORKED. I started getting slabs again

    Thanks to Singzeon for the advise
    Okay rj-01,
    Glad to hear that the building materials are equal for you again but please don't ignore the Wonderful tips the other Forummers in this thread just gave you/us!

    Now changing the Zoo and the new Tool Exchange make sense to me!
    This is NOT how to earn more money to Playrix, but all to easier management of Barn space.
    I am really glad with the Forummers who took the time to find out how to work with this new stuff more effectively! Thumbs up!

    Unfortunately the title of this thread has a title that didn't ring a bell for me. And I guess that is why this important information will be unknown for most of our players.
    So L&P, will you please take the honours to place a new thread with this information in 'Tips for new players' or anywere else and give it a more clear name.
    Or maybe one of the Mods can help with that.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L&P Star 2 View Post

    Last try. Let me rephrase and be a bit more specific:

    "So only 1 type of material is now required + 2 types of tools, instead of 3 types of materials "

    Implication: instead of building 1 CB in the past requiring 3 types of materials, it is likely to be more beneficial now to build 3 CBs requiring 1 type of material each + 2 tools (and you can now freely choose how to create those tools from the old materials in a combination that suits your shortages and surpluses).

    Yes you still need 2 types of new tools. So you are still requiring 3 types of "resources" for each CB


    Old : 3 types of materials + 0 tools. New 1 type of material + 2 types of tools.

    So while on the face of it you may think 3 types before, 3 after, same same.

    But think back to OPs issue. The problem is the split of resources.

    As you say tools still need bricks, slabs and glass to get them. But now there's a massive difference.

    When planning, a tool can be disaggregated or call it what you will - into the raw materials/components that are needed to make it up, i.e slabs or bricks or glass.

    The beauty of the tool exchange is you can now better choose that split by rejecting and refreshing the exchanges. This is where the flexibility comes in

    1 saw could be derived from bricks only, glass only or both if you have no slabs.

    Basically you can now manipulate the mix of raw materials better than you could before. Particularly if you have an excess of something.

    OP has a shortage of slabs. Flip that round though he has an excess of bricks and glass. Before these were useless. Now he can exchange them in a combination he likes.

    So old: 3 materials no choice any excess is wasted if you sell; new 1 material + 2 tools (and you can choose which materials you use to get those tools)
    I see, but we still need multiples of the tools, also. So need to exchange several times to get the tools necessary!

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    that is nice, but - I am not the OP and am not asking about wasting materials or not.

    I am saying that this statement of yours "So only 1 material is now required + 2 tools for each CB, instead of 3 materials."
    is not true (sorry, don't know how to circumscribe that in English or more politely). It is still much more than 1 material, as the tools need them, too.
    But, it still is not the 1 material +2 tools. It's many of 1 material and many of 2 different tools. This still takes time to collect. I got the tool exchange at level 70 and just find it costing me more to complete the process. I was hoping to be able to expand my town some more, but now I find it is going to be several levels before I have the current CB finished to build the houses to add the people so I can expand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zimbelstern View Post
    I started with the tool exchange at level 70 and have now time to produce the new tools until level 72, where then comes the lighthouse. All coming CBs need only one „old“ material and the sequence is totally regular (at least from 72 to 84): always slabs + jackhammers and saws; bricks + drills and jackhammers; glass + drills and saws.
    So I keep always the old materials for the next three buildings (bricks, slabs, glass for one each) and change only the surplus, first for the two new tools I will need the earliest. By now, level 71, I have the old materials for lighthouse, skyscraper and kindergarten, plus the new ones for the lighthouse and half the skyscraper. I dump a lot of offers, but I have at least two levels time between CBs, and that works quite well for me. BUT I ignore the zoo completely
    I am level 65. I, too, ignore the zoo. I don't have the barn space to keep the materials for the next three buildings, so for now I keep 15 each (or 10 each if I need the space for a barn expansion) of bricks, slabs and glass. I try to keep 15 so the trains will keep bringing nails, hammers and paint buckets.

    At the moment I have: 30 drills, 25 jackhammers, 23 electric saws, and 15 each of slabs, glass and bricks. I end up selling off the excess slabs, glass and bricks because I don't currently need more Tool Exchange items like drills, etc. and I need to keep space for a barn expansion, which is usually my first priority.

    I suppose building only one CB at a time does "waste materials" as L&P Star said, but since I only keep 4 of each product item in the barn and six fruit, with generally no feed in the barn and my barn is generally stuffed, I only build one CB at a time. I am in the unusual situation of choosing not to build all CBs. For example, the next CB available for me is the Music Venue at level 66; I am choosing to skip that and will build for my next CB the Car Wash available at level 68. When I am almost at level 68, I will switch to collecting more CB materials to prepare for the next CB. I already have enough saws and jackhammers, so I will need a lot of glass. To get the train to bring what I need, I might need to keep equal amounts of bricks and slabs. Thus, the reason why barn expansions remain one of my top two priorities (the second being land expansions).

    To the OP: my best advice is to keep the number of each item of slabs, bricks and glass you have equal. If you don't have a lot of slabs, maybe transform the extra bricks and glass into other items in the Tool Exchange?

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