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Thread: Unfair Gem allocation

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    Unfair Gem allocation

    I am constantly needing pink gems. I am getting very frustrated with the plane situation. The amount of times that I have filled my crates and sent off my plane within an hour or less and gotten an orange gem is ridiculous.
    It's unfair to reward swiftness with the least valuable gem.
    Let us trade in gems or just allocate them fairly!

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    Lol...I am the opposite...I need the orange ones!

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    I'm always short on the rubies, compared to the others. I've heard other people say they're short on topaz or emerald, so there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. The T cash prices are a bit steep.

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    I tend to be short on topaz (orange). A helicopter order will give you a chance to sell gems for another type of gem but the exchange is always in the game's favor. It would be nice to be able to exchange gems based on their value. Getting extra EP is not worth losing expensive gems.

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    For me it is always the orange ones but the only boosters I ever really use are High Speed Production and Generous Customer. Used to use the Vibrant Market when I was lower level and had gold to blow on it. But now my stock of green and red gems just keep building.

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    I don’t like the new system where we are required to use gems to build all the special buildings. As a result, I will likely never have any of the special buildings like Notre Dame, etc. as I use my limited gems for boosters. It is difficult to get more gems; they do not fall from trees. At least in the old system we could hire Raj for T-cash and get ore and make bars to create decorations if we chose. But now those decorations seem very far away.

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    Lol.. I play without gems, I am always patient and enjoy the process.

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    Love this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by limenotlemon View Post
    Lol.. I play without gems, I am always patient and enjoy the process.
    Just for clarification, we aren't referring to T-cash or any in-app purchases (IAPs). We are referring to the amber, green and ruby colored gems that dispatching planes can produce (there are other ways to get them such as finding them in a chest or the mine). The gems are useful for making boosters at the Laboratory, or (if you are lucky and you have spare gems) for producing some lovely decorations such as the Empire State Building, Pyramid, Thai Temple, Big Ben, Golden Gate Bridge, Space Needle, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc.)

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    People have noticed this happening with building materials, expansion materials, etc - as have I.

    I do not use gems often, so my numbers are pretty balanced. I would recommend staying off boosters a while so the game does not *see* that you have 0-3 of a certain gem, thus making it rarer for you.

    I don't know if my post makes sense, but I hope it helps a bit.

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