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Thread: Tarefas de revezamentos estão sumindo.

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    Tarefas de revezamentos estão sumindo.

    Desde a última atualização, as tarefas de revezamentos estão desaparecendo antes de terminar o tempo final. Dessa forma nem todos os membros conseguem fazê-las. Tem como me ajudar? Sou a lider dessa cooperação?

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    Entre em contato com o suporte para ajuda.

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    Someone in your team do not understand how it work and they dump the relay after doing it. Explain to them to look carefully before dumping. There is 2 way to know that a relay is completed : 1 - the message on top of the dumping window say as much. Something like " Congrats, everyone has done it". 2- check the list of players shown and make sure everyone has a green checkmark beside their name.

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